Global Business Incubator, India.

One of today’s most pressing global challenges is the creation of financially sustainable jobs that pay livable.The most effective way to address this challenge is through the creation of “profitable commercial businesses” that effectively address critical challenges such as the availability of affordable drinking water, cost effective medical care and adequate food supplies.

The Global Business Incubator (GBI) is an initiative developed to stimulate economic growth,reduce poverty and promote progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by assisting participants from sustainable and socially responsible sectors to maximize their economic opportunities. We recognize the positive impact the GBI initiative will have through job creation and strengthening of South-South and North-South Networks.

The Global Business Incubator takes a multi- sectoral approach to economic growth by promoting the open exchange of ideas and active collaboration,as well as connecting and attracting a global network of business and political leaders to provide opportunities.

GBI is a powerful economic development tool.We promote the concept of growth through innovation and application of technology,support economic development strategies for small business development,and encourage growth from within local economies,while also providing a mechanism for technology transfer.

Future of high technology industry largely depends on producing innovative products and services at competitive prices.Great ideas will remain on paper if an environment with the right conditions is not provided at the right time.Time to market is very short and the window of opportunity does not last long in today's global business environment.

Quality entrepreneurs who choose to set shop in GBI need to be given the best enabling conditions for converting their innovative ideas into smashing commercial successes.


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