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Global Business Incubator India (GBI-India) is an international organization working for innovation and technology driven economic development in 34 countries. With operations Started in India in 2012 GBI started working with young Indian’s and technologists to build entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. The main objectives of GBI operations in India are to identify and build a robust, scalable and affordable strategic approach to develop innovation, build leadership and entrepreneurial sprit at grass root level.

The Global Business Incubator (GBI) was created to provide collaborative entrepreneurial support services that will aid promising new businesses and growth conscious countries in the delivery of meaningful commercial solutions (and meaningful new jobs). The services provided by GBI are designed to minimize the risks associated with the commercialization process in a number of strategic ways.

GBI attacks the high percentage of failures in pure start up ventures by shifting the “new business” focus to the introduction of proven products and services into rapidly expanding international markets. The operational risks for these “new proven businesses” are further minimized through the offering of revenue focused commercialization support services that include commercial viability review, detailed commercial resource maps, impact oriented capital investment strategies, business valuation service, enhanced digital marketing and sales support.