Service Offerings

A) Technology Transfer

The creation of new jobs through the creation of financially sustainable new ventures can be dramatically accelerated by attracting companies that are already offering proven products and services in other markets. GBI has extensive experience in the identification, evaluation and contracting with proven products and services that are willing to enter new markets through the creation of new “foreign” franchise entities. This is one way to effectively create sustainable jobs in an efficient and effective manner.

B) GBI – Capital

GBI has partnered with number of private investors globally who are interested in providing support capital for companies looking to grow by expanding the sale of their proven products and services into new foreign markets. In addition GBI’s own venture fund caters the need of innovators to commercialise their solutions.

C) Incubators and accelerators:

GBI has extensive experience in the creation, refinement and day-to-day operation of commercialization environments including both “start-up” incubators and accelerators for existing businesses. The ability to accelerate the creation of financially sustainable new businesses is greatly enhanced by offering collaborative commercialization space that brings together a critical mass of like thinking business entrepreneurs. GBI has extensive experience in the creation, operational refinement and day-to-day management of both “start-up” incubators and commercial accelerators for existing businesses. The company is currently involved in 39Technology business incubators in India and 40 lively hood development incubators.


• Commercial Viability Review:

GBI helps enhance a company’s probability of success by providing detailed commercial reviews of the products and services and their ability to deliver meaningful commercial benefits. This service also takes a close look at pricing issues as it relates to existing competition in the company’s targeted markets.

• Commercialization Resource Map:

This supporting service involves the creation of a detailed 24-month task plan and cash flow model that helps insure that all commercialization activities occur on-time and on-budge.

• Marketing / Sales Support:

GBI’s marketing and sales support provides an independent review of the company’s commercial offering(s), the benefits that they are designed to deliver and how those benefits will interact with potential market demands. The impact focus will be on how to effectively contact and sell to the targeted customers using modern digital selling tools. We also have the ability to accelerate the company’s involvement in the rapidly expanding Indian marketplace through GBI’s existing network of incubators and accelerators.

• Real Time Mentoring:

Where necessary, GBI professionals are also available to serve as temporary employees for companies in need of qualified professional help in areas such as financial management, product development and marketing and sales.

• Capital Planning:

GBI applies a detailed cash flow use of funds model to determine the capital needs associated with a detailed commercialization strategy including the size and timing of the capital investments.

• Business Valuation:

As a company moves forward, it is critical to develop a realistic understanding of the company’s value as it relates to its current position in the commercialization process. GBI provides cost effective valuation profiles of the company as well as a clear understanding of the factors that enter into this critical part of a company’s financial identity.


GBI provides a 24 X 7, digital commercialization environment that includes enhanced communication capabilities, document sharing, staffing resources and security access control.

The focus is on providing a “global digital headquarter” that supports the professional interaction with a commercialization team staffed from virtually any location in the world. The ultimate GBI goal is to provide a real time, commercialization support environment that enhances the probability of creating a financially sustainable company through timely management support and risk-minimizing transparency that will attract a growing number of private SME investors.